The Old Republic


Below are links to some screenshots from The Old Republic. I cropped them, resized them, and reduced the quality slightly to make the file sizes smaller. Once you open one of the images, you can use the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard to see the others.

Elara Dorne .jpg – 74Kb Elara Dorne – the squad's doctor

No wonder the crew always feigns sickness. (insert your own "playing doctor" joke here)

Kalab on his bridge .jpg – 83Kb Sounds like you could use...

... a pilot! If he's standing there, then who is flying the ship?

Kalab vs. soldier .jpg – 139Kb Kalab vs. soldier

Puh-leez! My cannon is bigger than you are!

Movie theater .jpg – 60Kb Coming soon to a theater no where near you

A short time ago, in a galaxy close, close by. It's a 2D adventure about a guy and the computer game he plays.

Sarlaac .jpg – 76Kb Say aaaaaahhhhh

I'd hate to be the dentist for that thing.

Let the Wookiee win .jpg – 70Kb Let the Wookiee win

When will they learn?

Get in my belly! .jpg – 72Kb Get in my belly!

It's never a good idea to visit a Hutt at dinnertime.