Star Wars Galaxies


Below are links to a bunch of screenshots from Star Wars Galaxies. I cropped them, resized them, and reduced the quality slightly to make the file sizes smaller. Once you open one of the images, you can use the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard to see the others.

Action Figure .jpg – 34Kb Don't remove it from the original packaging!

You know you've made it big when you have your own action figure.

Kalabakk and Mara Jade .jpg – 47Kb Kalabakk and Mara Jade

I guess I should be glad this was the Emperor's Hand and not some other body part...

Kalabakk and Ackbar .jpg – 48Kb Kalabakk and Ackbar

As if a million other people before me haven't already said this to him.

Kalabakk and Palpatine .jpg – 47Kb Kalabakk and Palpatine

Old Wrinkles was just begging for a Wookiee hug.

Kalabakk, Thrawn, and Veers .jpg – 47Kb Kalabakk, Thrawn, and Veers

Thrawn turned blue just thinking about how cold Veers's next assignment would be.

Kalabakk and Vader .jpg – 48Kb Kalabakk and Vader

Oh, Anakin, what happened to you? You used to be such a nice kid.

Kalabakk and Luke .jpg – 46Kb Kalabakk and Luke

Young Skywalker learns a horrible, horrible truth.

Kalabakk and Leia .jpg – 66Kb Kalabakk and Leia

My 15 minutes of fame... she has that "oh, not another tourist picture" look on her face.

Kalabakk, Chewbacca, and Han .jpg – 35Kb Kalabakk, Chewbacca, and Han

This made my trip to Lok all worth it. I met Chewbacca! Yay! That's like the Holy Grail of the Wookiee world.

Kalabakk and C3PO .jpg – 44Kb Kalabakk and C3PO

Darn it, why do I always close my eyes when the flash goes off?

Kalabakk and R2-D2 .jpg – 44Kb Kalabakk and R2-D2

We played holo-chess... he let the Wookiee win.

Entertainer book .jpg – 56Kb You big dummy

A parody book cover made by a character named Eevaa. Say, who is that handsome Wookiee on the right?

Buffbot .jpg – 43Kb Buffbot

This is what happens to you when you play AFK!

Joined stormtroopers .jpg – 35Kb Stuck on you

Imperial scientists try out a new super glue on some unsuspecting stormtroopers.

Before and After .jpg – 46Kb Before and After

That's right, you too can drop that unwanted fur with the hottest new diet in the galaxy, the Corellian Atkins plan! And before you say it... fur is NOT considered nakie for a Wookiee!

Emperor Kalabakk .jpg – 43Kb Emperor Kalabakk

Woo-hoo! Now I am the Emperor! I hereby declare Kashyyyk and all other enslaved planets to be free. And cookies are now the official Imperial dinner.

Wookiee bath .jpg – 39Kb Bath time

I told you that Wookiees bathed regularly, but nobody believed me.

Wookiee Ceremonial armor .jpg – 37Kb Wookiee Ceremonial armor

I don't care what anyone says, I think it looks pretty neat.

Fuzzy Bunny .jpg – 24Kb Fuzzy Bunny

I just thought this was an interesting pet (not mine). This thing came up to about my waist if I remember correctly.

Speeder in chest .jpg – 44Kb Um... medic?

Uh, yeah, doc? I have this sharp pain in my chest.

Kalabakk with food .jpg – 48Kb Something smells good

Kalabakk... always thinking with his stomach.