Star Wars Galaxies

Character pile from the BABE guild

This is a collection of random thoughts that spawned from playing Star Wars Galaxies. I recited many of these at the occasional Comedy Nights that people would hold in-game.

  • If Tatooine has a Bestine, why doesn't it have a Worst-ine?
  • What do you call a Nightsister during the daytime? If they only come out at night, would they be Jedi Nights?
  • If you are standing right outside of Wayfar, is it still way far?
  • If I used to have 10 lots, but I only have 1 lot left, can I still say it's a lot?
  • Why are the fish in this galaxy named after musical notes? Faa, laa, ray...I guess that's what you call Fish Scales.
  • If I challenge myself to a duel, is it considered PvMe?
  • Why does a hologram of a ship cost more than the ship does?
  • Some guy with an Old Republic speeder was bragging to me that he could beat me in a race. I took out my swoop and blew the guy away. Apparently his BARC was worse than his bite.
  • If you are going slow on a bike, can you still call it a speederbike?
  • If an Imperial pilot is feeling a little blue, do they fly a TIE Depressor?
  • If your space ship is too short to sit at the dinner table, do you give it a booster?
  • If you wear hotpants on Hoth, could you still call them HOT pants?
  • If you are in orbit around Mustafar, is it Mustaclose?