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Who is Kalabakk?
Kalabakk on a bridge

Where the heck did the name Kalabakk originate? Kalabakk (KAH-lah-bahk) was the name of a Wookiee character I played in Star Wars Galaxies. The name itself came about like this:

Years back I had played EverQuest, one of the first successful MMO's. Someone from work had stumbled upon a magazine article that claimed to have a formula that George Lucas used to create names when he got stuck (this was later proven to be false). After following this formula, and then rearranging some letters and spellings, I ended up with a Barbarian Shaman named Klajah.

When I started Star Wars Galaxies, I wanted a good Wookiee name. I remembered from the Timothy Zahn books that there had been a Wookiee with bakk at the end of his name, and I decided to do that. I created a character named Klajabakk, which used most of that Klajah name with the bakk added to the end.

I soon realized that I needed to get the character to another city to find a bank, and being a total newbie, I didn't realize there was one in the city where I was. I didn't have the money for a shuttle and I knew I would get slaughtered if I tried to run there, so I deleted the character and created a new one.

I wanted to stick with the same type of name, so I rearranged things a bit and came up with Kalajabakk, but after looking at it a bit, I decided I didn't like the ja in the middle. So was born Kalabakk!

The name has stuck with me through a few different games now and it always makes me smile and remember the wonderful times I had with the character. I think of early in the game how one kind woman named Hannah gave Kalabakk 100 credits so he could catch a shuttle to Coronet where he was able to then earn some credits on his own. It wasn't that much money in the game, but at the time my character was flat broke so it meant the world to him. Hannah was even the one who gave Kalabakk his nickname of the "Boogie Wookiee".

All these years later I still remember that kind deed vividly and I know Hannah was paid back many times over, but if it weren't for her, I would probably have deleted the character and started over, and there would have been no Kalabakk.

About Kalabakk
Kalabakk with Ewoks Kalabakk with paintings

Kalabakk is an entertainer -- he has no interest in fighting.

Kalabakk's story begins the same as many Wookiees. He was born on Kashyyyk and slowly watched his planet fall into slavery at the hands of the Transdoshans, the Empire, and anyone else willing to place credits above ethics.

Kalabakk and his family were enslaved and forced into hard labor. The slavers became more and more cruel, torturing young cubs for enjoyment. One night, Kalabakk had enough and went on a killing rampage, breaking limbs and crushing skulls, giving the slavers a horrifying look at the power of an enraged Wookiee. Kalabakk urged the other Wookiees to flee while he lead the slavers and their reinforcements into the Shadow Forest. The slavers were never heard from again.

After making sure his family was safe, Kalabakk knew he had to leave Kashyyyk in case the slaver bosses came after him. He couldn't put his family in that kind of danger, so he booked passage with a false name on a cargo ship bound for Corellia. On the way there, the ship was boarded by Imperial forces and forced to land at a space station. The Imperials were apparently tipped off that there was spice on board, but found nothing of the sort. Fortunately, they did not recognize Kalabakk, and he was given free passage to Corellia as compensation.

He decided to sharpen his hunting skills by becoming a Rifleman, but soon found that fighting brought painful memories of the violence he had witnessed, and the incredible violent rampage that overcame him on Kashyyyk. He swore that from there on he would live out his life in peace. He became an Entertainer and began playing regularly in the Doaba Guerfel cantina on Corellia, where he earned the nickname "Boogie Wookiee". He eventually joined the Rebel Alliance, and rose to the rank of Master Sergeant through non-violent missions.

In his spare time, he became a Master Architect, as well as a Master CorSec pilot, and ran a successful furniture shop on Naboo for a time. He evenutally grew tired of the merchant life and turned his full attention to Entertaining. He attended an event in the city of Babelon, Naboo, and fell in love with the people and the city. He began building a house there the very next day. Not long after that, he became the owner of the Babelon Cantina, which he named the Boogie Wookiee Cafe. He became the mayor of Babelon in April, 2005 and held that office until early 2008.

He was well known for his songs, his puns, and his incredible love of cookies. His favorite were Wookiee cookies, with fresh tube grubs, but most people didn't like those, so he was quite happy with chocolate chip.

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