Star Trek Online


This is a collection of random thoughts that spawned from playing Star Trek Online.

  • Orions are great farmers – they have two green thumbs.
  • If a Klingon ship is made from substandard parts, is it a Craptor?
  • If a Klingon Dahur Master wants a drink, will he ask for a Kor's Light?
  • A Tellarite that is not correct is a Tellawrong.
  • If Q gives out advice, is it a Q-Tip?
  • Whatever happened to the A'Tran Cluster?
  • When a Caitian opens a hailing frequency, is it a cat call?
  • If I wanted to see Balanced wildlife, would I go on a Deferi Safari?
  • Borg give boring lectures, they just drone on and on.
  • Do genetically enhanced people eat Kahn Flakes for breakfast?
  • My bridge officer is very musical. He likes to apply Tachyon Harmonica.
  • Do Cardassians wear Cardie-gan sweaters?