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I have a few characters on Star Trek Online, but Rrakktorr is the one I play the most. I have a few alts, but they're not really worth writing about.

As a side note, the word "Rrakktorr" is a nod to my Wookiee character of Kalabakk in Star Wars Galaxies. The word comes from the Wookiee language of Shyriiwook, and it roughly translates as the warrior spirit, or the burning fire in their hearts that made them a Wookiee. It seemed an appropriate name for a Klingon warrior.

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Vice Admiral Rrakktorr

Name: Rrakktorr, son of Kalab
Rank: Vice Admiral
Species: Klingon
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Height: 1.98 meters (6 feet, 6 inches)
Weight: 122.47 Kg (270 pounds)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Faction: Starfleet, United Federation of Planets
Birthplace: Qo'noS
Base of Operations: Deep Space Station K-7
Marital Status: Single
Current Assignment: Leads task force near Klingon space. Details classified.

Rrakktorr with a bat'leth

Early Years

Rrakktorr was born on the Klingon home world of Qo'noS. His father, Kalab, an officer in the Klingon Defense Forces (KDF), raised his son to be a warrior. Rrakktorr learned all about combat and the importance of honor, skills which have served him well throughout his life and his career. He was accepted into the warrior training program, a precursor to serving in the KDF. He proved to be a good warrior, though not the best in the class. His real aptitude was in engineering, where he impressed the teachers and even received a merit award for improving the output of the weapons system on a training vessel.

As he approached the end of his training, Rrakktorr did some research and discovered that Klingon engineers saw infrequent combat, and were mostly relegated to working on weapons systems. After further research, he came to the conclusion that Starfleet could offer him more challenging engineering opportunities, as well as a chance for combat.

Kalab was not pleased when Rrakktorr informed him of his decision to join Starfleet. The Empire and the Federation were still at peace at the time, but there remained a certain stigma in the Empire against Klingons who joined Starfleet. The two argued many times about this until one day their disagreement erupted into a fight. They fought bitterly, one warrior against another, until they finally emerged in a stalemate. The father and son still retain reminders of this fight, each baring facial scars they inflicted upon each other.

Kalab was impressed with his son's spirit in combat and knew that Rrakktorr still had the heart of a Klingon. Kalab begrudgingly gave his approval for Rrakktorr's decision, adding, "If we ever meet in combat, I will kill you." Rrakktorr stared into his father's eyes and replied without hesitation, "Not if I kill you first." Kalab looked back at his son for a moment, then burst into laughter, slapping Rrakktorr on the back. Several other Klingons called Rrakktorr a traitor, and he dealt with them in typical Klingon fashion – he killed them in an honor-duel.

Starfleet Academy

As expected, the mostly human Starfleet Academy was difficult for a Klingon, but Rrakktorr concentrated on his studies and learned a great deal about engineering. The praise he received from one teacher stirred the jealously of a fellow cadet named Chad Wellington IV, who made it his mission to embarrass and provoke Rrakktorr into a fight to get him expelled. Rrakktorr showed remarkable restraint, enduring months of practical jokes and insults. During a training cruise, Chad sabotaged the engine modifications Rrakktorr had made and two cadets were killed and several others were seriously injured because of it.

When the investigation revealed that Chad had been responsible for the accident, Rrakktorr was furious. It was bad enough the Chad had tried to dishonor him, but even worse that other cadets had paid for this joke with their lives, and worst of all (in a Klingon's mind), they were robbed of an honorable death. Rrakktorr confronted Chad, who made the mistake of insulting an already enraged Klingon by spouting several racial insults and questioning the honor of the House of Kalab. Rrakktorr snapped and beat Chad within an inch of his life. Chad only survived because a security team stunned Rrakktorr before he could deliver a death blow. Chad was from an influential family, so he managed to escape any charges for the accident, though he later failed out of the Academy.

Rrakktorr was arrested on assault charges and put on extended suspension pending the result of his trial. The families of the cadets killed in the accident came to Rrakktorr's defense, eventually freeing him and reducing his sentence to several severe demerits and extended probation in the Academy. Rrakktorr threw himself back into his studies and was well respected by the other cadets, because they knew he would stand up for them. He put the incident with Chad behind him and graduated with honors.

When war broke out with the Federation, Rrakktorr was conflicted. His Klingon blood burned with the desire to aid the Empire, but he also realized that they were in error. He felt that the Empire was correct in exposing the Undine in the Gorn Hegemony, but didn't think that the Federation's rebuke was an insult. The Empire didn't have any real cause to fight the Federation, other than to satisfy J'mpok's falsely bruised ego. Fighting with no real cause felt dishonorable, so he chose to stay with Starfleet.


After graduation, Rrakktorr was stationed briefly on Deep Space 5, where he was assigned to the engineering crew. During an inspection tour one day, an Admiral with a tough reputation started poking at one of the consoles. Ensign Rrakktorr noticed that the Admiral was absently playing with the controls to a plasma containment field. He spoke up, telling the flag officer, "Sir, you really shouldn't be touching that, sir." The admiral's aids gasped, wondering why a mere ensign would have the gall to question the Admiral.

The commander of the station looked at Rrakktorr, closed his eyes for a moment, and shook his head. The admiral locked eyes with Rrakktorr for a moment, then asked to continue his tour. About an hour later, as Rrakktorr was busy with some maintenance work, the Admiral returned, alone. Rrakktorr snapped to attention and the Admiral quickly told him to stand at ease.

"I wanted to thank you for correcting me," the Admiral said, "you were right, I really shouldn't have been playing with the controls like that. What were they, anyway?" Rrakktorr informed him that the controls could have dropped a plasma containment field, injuring or killing dozens of people. "I like you, Ensign," the Admiral told him, " you're not afraid to stand up to anyone to perform your duty and to protect lives. Starfleet needs more officers like you. Tell me, ensign, where would you really like to work? I've seen this station, and I sure wouldn't want to be stationed here."

A few weeks later, Rrakktorr's desire to be stationed on a starship was granted, thanks to the Admiral, and he was posted as a junior engineering officer on the U.S.S. Beskar. Rrakktorr's career continued from there, working his way up through the ranks to Captain, being given command of the U.S.S. Atinla. His outstanding performance resulted in a promotion to Rear Admiral and command of a new ship, the U.S.S. Besuliik.

The Admiral Years

Rear Admiral Rrakktorr continued to serve with distinction for several years, taking on Borg, Undine, and various other dangers thrown his way. His service record caught the attention of Admiral Quinn, who summoned him back to Earth Space Station. Quinn was rather vague about the purpose of the meeting, telling Rrakktorr only that he should wear a dress uniform. Upon Rrakktorr's arrival, Admiral Quinn took him aside and said that he'd put Rrakktorr up for a promotion to Vice Admiral. Rrakktorr's immediate reply was that if he was going to be reassigned to a desk job to become some PADD-pusher, then he wanted his name removed from consideration.

Quinn assured him that would not be the case, but there was one small problem. Admiral Quinn had an advisory panel made up of three other admirals, two of whom were in favor of promoting Rrakktorr, but the third, one Admiral Chauncey Wellington, opposed it. Admiral Wellington was the uncle of the former cadet Chad Wellington IV, whom Rrakktorr had nearly killed back in Starfleet Academy. The admirals had debated the promotion and finally settled on having a neutral third party evaluate Rrakktorr in the field. Admiral Sluck, a Vulcan, was assigned as an observer to Rrakktorr for two weeks.

Admiral Sluck (secretly called Admiral Schmuck by the crew) was a career officer who had never commanded a starship. He was a notorious nitpicker, and proceeded to detail every minor variation Rrakktorr made from textbook procedures. His list included ludicrously stupid observations like, "frequently exceeds normal cruising speed" and "exceeds power and memory recommendations in the ship's replicators to store extra recipes for the crew." Admiral Sluck even interrupted an operation where Rrakktorr was assisting in the rescue of a former Orion slave who had been kidnapped. At the end of the two-week evaluation, Rrakktorr was given a copy of the review, minus the final recommendation. He was convinced that he would not be promoted.

A few days later, Admiral Quinn summoned Rrakktorr to Earth Space Station once more. To Rrakktorr's surprise, Admiral Quinn presented him with Vice Admiral pips. Seeing Rrakktorr's apparent surprise, Admiral Quinn explained the situation.

"Despite how Admiral Sluck's report sounded, he was actually impressed... well, in Vulcan terms, anyway... with the efficiency of the crew and how they respected your command and your decisions. He couldn't argue with your results and was complimentary to your ability to, umm, suppress your more... violent... Klingon tendencies, particulary in difficult diplomatic situations. Admiral Wellington was furious, of course, but I over-ruled his objections. Remember, the advisory panel is just that, advisory. Frankly, the only way I wasn't going to promote you was if you flat out killed Admiral Sluck. Wellington can stick his objections where the tribbles don't shine."

Admiral Quinn went on to explain that he wanted a Vice Admiral in the field, not behind a desk. He wanted someone who would have the authority to make high-level decisions without having to wait weeks for Starfleet to debate a situation. Rrakktorr was given more freedom and authority in deciding his own assignments. The U.S.S. Besuliik was given a few upgrades to assist, including a tweak to increase her top speed, and a new bridge module incorporating the latest advances in bridge design.

The Federation vs. The Klingon Empire

Admiral Quinn asked Rrakktorr for an assessment of Starfleet's current wars, with an emphasis on the war with the Klingon Empire. Rrakktorr said that Starfleet was spread far too thin and was just one major conflict away from disaster. His conclusion regarding the Klingon Empire was that Chancellor J'mpok must die. The Admiral's War Council went into an uproar when Rrakktorr made that statement, but Rrakktorr qualified his statements. He was not suggesting assassination or subverting the government, two acts that would be seen as extreme insults and cause irreparable damage to relations with the Klingons. Rrakktorr cited Klingon history, where incompetent leaders were killed by more honorable men and productive relations with the Federation soon followed. Rrakktorr's suggestion was to expose J'mpok's arrogance and incompetence by limiting the leader's ability to wage war.

Rrakktorr's recent assignments have been scouting missions to determine how the Empire's supply lines work. By crippling the Empire's ability to launch effective campaigns, J'mpok's weaknesses would be exposed and he would be killed. Only then would there be a possibility of a renewed alliance between the Federation and the Empire. Rrakttorr believes this is preferable to the destruction of the Empire, which would leave a power vacuum and provide an opening for the Undine, the Borg, or numerous other enemies. Having the Klingon Empire as an ally once again would free up resources and increase the ability to focus on other fronts.

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Starship assignments
  • U.S.S. Vakna: Voth Bulwark Dreadnought Cruiser/NX-880088. This is Rrakktorr's current command, stationed out of Deep Space Station K-7. Admiral Quinn gave this ship to Rrakktorr to assist with the missions in Klingon space. It is equipped with a full battle cloak, Reflect Immunity Matrix shielding, a repair ship, and a compliment of Voth Advanced Heavy fighters. Rrakktorr was a bit surprised at first, but then inquired about the Besuliik, recommending that its current First Officer be given command. Quinn stated that he had planned to do that from the start. Rrakktorr knew the Besuliik would be in excellent hands.
  • U.S.S. Besuliik: Vanguard Class Star Cruiser/NX-777777. Rrakktorr was given command of this ship upon promotion to Rear Admiral. His entire senior staff from the Atinla came with him. When he was given the U.S.S. Vakna, command of the Besuliik was given to Alejandra Lorena Hescack, who had been Rrakktorr's first officer up to that point. Most of the ship's senior staff transfered to the U.S.S. Vakna with Rrakktorr, but the chief engineer and the operations officer remained on the Besuliik. The Besuliik has been assigned as part of Rrakktorr's task force for operations on the Klingon front.
  • U.S.S. Atinla: Envoy Class Exploration Cruiser/NX-92667. This was Rrakktorr's first command upon reaching the rank of Captain.
  • U.S.S. Alverde: Stargazer Class Heavy Cruiser/NX-92934. Served as chief engineer.
  • U.S.S. Keldab: Excalibur Class Cruiser/NX-93027. Served as assistant to the chief engineer.
  • U.S.S. Beskar: Shikahr Class Light Cruiser/NCC-92894. Served as engineer 2nd class and was later promoted to engineer 1st class during his tour of duty on this ship.
Rrakktorr at the Guardian of Forever

Rrakktorr is a typical Klingon in most ways: he is honorable, he performs his duty well, and he loves a good battle. He is very proud of his Klingon heritage and makes sure never to lose touch with that even though he serves in Starfleet. He does miss the Empire and hopes they see the error of their ways and come to terms with the Federation again some day.

He longs to see his home world again and have a proper plate of gagh, which is very difficult to find in the Federation. Conversations with Rrakktorr tend to involve food, drink, and fighting, and there is always a slight longing in his voice as he talks about these things. He has surprised many by carrying on conversations about other topics, such as engineering.

He is rather friendly for a Klingon, though in most social situations, he tends to stand apart from others, usually in a dark corner where he can see the door. He knows that most people are intimidated by Klingons, so he doesn't often wander out to start conversations on his own, but will usually talk when others approach him. Rrakktorr has a mischievous sense of humor, which others don't always understand. Some of his favorite mischief involves downplaying the potency of Klingon food and drink and convincing others to try it.

Lately, he has been struggling internally with the realization that he doesn't quite fit in anywhere. His Klingon heritage alienates him from many in the Federation, and his time in Starfleet has tarnished him in the eyes of many Klingons. He is trying to find the middle ground that suits all his beliefs, whether they are fully accepted by both sides or not. His time in Starfleet has opened his eyes to many faults in the Klingon Empire, as well as faults in the Federation. He maintains a balance between both worlds by simply doing what he thinks is right.

Unlike most Klingons, Rrakktorr:

Keeps his temper in check...mostly.
Klingon tempers are volatile, so anyone who riles Rrakktorr's temper deserves whatever consequence may follow. People sometimes make the mistake of thinking he is harmless because he is polite, but he can quickly shift from a polite conversation to sticking a blade in someone's gut in the right situation.
Is more tolerant of others...somewhat.
Rrakktorr's Starfleet training and oaths of duty have made him more tolerant of other species and cultures. He makes the distinction between an individual and an entire species, and while he may dislike a particular species, he tends to judge individuals based on their own actions. He does this partly because he wants others to do the same thing when judging him. Occassionally, his temper will cause his tongue to slip and he will blurt out his disgust for a particular group or species. He makes a minimal effort to hide his dislike of Ferengi, for example.
Can distinguish genuine affronts to his honor from attempts to goad him into a fight.
For reasons Rrakktorr can't fathom, there are those that try to entice him into a fight. Some do it to impress their friends, and others are just natural bullies who try to intimidate others. Rrakktorr has learned to filter out the showoffs from the true insults, though on occasion he likes to call someone's bluff just to scare them.
Is more intellectual, due to his intensive engineering training.
Most people are surprised to find a Klingon who can speak well and act polite.


  • Rrakktorr has a slight fascination with children, as he has seen very few non-Klingon children in his lifetime. He is curious about their behavior and development and is extremely protective of them. At the same time, he exhibits a slight discomfort around them and keeps a safe distance, partly because he doesn't want to accidently hurt them, and partly because children are easily frightened by Klingons.
  • Rrakktorr has no love for slavery or slavers. He finds the whole practice dishonorable and cowardly. He had been somewhat oblivious to it during his time in the Empire, but since joining Starfleet he has learned the extent of it in the galaxy. He has a soft spot (if Klingons have such a thing) for former slaves and tries to help them when he can.

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