Kalabakk's Korner


Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet. You have stumbled on to the web site for Kalabakk (KAH-lah-bahk), the name of a character I used to play in Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online game. The name kind of stuck through many different games and so I used it for this website. See the fuzzy guy in the banner at the top of the site and in the picture to the right? That's Kalabakk.

This site is an eclectic collection of material related to various online games I have played and other miscellaneous things (is that vague enough for you?). Yes, I realize how geeky it is to have a website for this sort of thing, but it's a nice place to share screenshots and stuff with people. It's more organized than some random file sharing site, and I get to indulge my odd sense of humor along the way.

If you haven't already clicked away screaming in terror/laughing hysterically at how pathetic this is, feel free to look around using the navigation along the top and left side (it's a great cure for insomnia).

Kalabakk cheering
About this site

This site was tested with Mozilla Firefox 12 and Internet Explorer 9. If you have another browser/version and it doesn't work correctly, I apologize. I tested the code for the site with the W3C validator and it passed, though that doesn't guarantee it will work in all browsers. I'm not going to put in dozens of hacks to support every browser/version out there.

If you are using an ancient browser such as Internet Explorer 6, I urge you to upgrade to a newer version if you are able to do so. Not just to view this site properly (isn't that motivation enough???), but to keep up with security patches and the like.

Non-geek translation: The code passed the standards test, but browser makers don't all follow the rules. Keep your browser updated.